Truancy 4, edited by Troy L. Wiggins and Khaalidah Muhammad Ali, is NOW AVAILABLE for your reading pleasure!

The Truancy project ends with Truancy 4, but this site will remain as a static archive for both the Truancy and the Delinquent Spice storytelling projects.

Header and cover image is from ‘Mrembo wa kwetu’  (Swahili for: Our Beautiful Girl From Home) by Salim Busuru, and a license has been purchased for promotional use of the image for Truancy 4.

Artist Bio:

Salim Busuru is a dynamic, self taught artist with over 14 years experience in conceptualizing and consistently delivering high quality work for a diverse list of clients. He currently works at Avandu studios, where he is a founding director and currently holds the position of Creative Director. His main focus, which is also the focus of the studio, is to tell the African narrative through comics like Dunamis, Games like Kade and operation mlinzi and many more to come. Salim is passionate about Africa and its progress into the future, especially culturally, so he has dedicated himself to studying its past and present culture and then using the content to inspire comic and gaming projects he is pursuing with Avandu studios. Salim currently resides in Mombasa, Kenya.